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Fund managers

UKF provides the most handy thing for professional and excellent fund managers - trading, becoming UKF partners, the fund managers will fully enjoy the UKF superior trading advantages. UKF will cooperate with the fund managers all required to provide advanced tools for the hedge, the most high-quality technical support, including multi-account management ( MAM ) and profit distribution settings ( PAM ), and at very competitive prices and straight-through processing way to make funds managers in forex trading is always one step ahead in the dominance.

Select UKF reason

  • Multi-account management system
    MAM multi-account management system, according to the proportion of funds allocated for the current sub-account managers do not need to repeat the operation.
    Manage all account funds and transactions under a single trading platform.
    Select a single or multiple accounts at the same time.
    Transaction powerful, rich order type, including, Pending Order, Stop Order, etc.
  • Professional service system
    Senior professional fund management team
    Competitive price system
    Advisers provide daily trading statements and investment advice for you